About Us

We at Ksheera, By Hebbevu Farms believe in staying connected to the roots of nature. Our aim is to provide the world with a wholesome variety of Milk products for daily use. In the process of creating these products, we exploit the knowledge from ancient Indian cultures using Organic Farming Methods from our Hebbevu Farms . This is why our products are known to have no side effects by pesticides insecticides and Adulterants. Moreover, we can proudly say that all our practices from processing to packaging are eco-friendly.

Why Us

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No Hormones or antibiotics used

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No Preservative or No Chemicals

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Milk not older than 4 hours

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Happy Cows in Hygienic Farm

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Not a collective milk from different farmers

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24/7 monitored cattle farm

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Milk Rich in Omega3 , Beta-carotene & Vitamin A & D

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Enhance functioning of Immune System

Our Products

Our Process

We maintain healthy, well-nourished cows at the farm under hygienic conditions and moniter 24*7 by trained veterinary staff. Our cows are well fed a balanced diet of concentrates, dry and green fodder supplemented with vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of cows.

Cows are free to move around in the shaded farm to ensure cow comfort.

Our cows are milked twice a day, with traditional milking methods to avoid contamination and to provide maximum safety to cows while milking.

The milk is instantly chilled at a temperature of less than 4°C and sent for processing to preserve the freshness & the high quality of milk.

The milk which is produced is untouched by bare human hands & is been packed in steel containers or glass bottles.

The milk bottles are throughly cleansed before and after the delivery and been placed on a door delivery with hygine delivery staff.

How It Works